Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

On today's episode of let's try something new with a 4 year old, we brought out the glitter.


The thing is that anyone who is a child, a preschool teacher, or someone who loves shiny things loves glitter; which is why it is the perfect leverage to get out there and take some pictures. One thing to always remember about having leverage during a photo shoot is to make sure it's the last thing that you use. Glitter is also almost impossible to clean up after the fact.


It was 70 degrees and sunny, a perfect day to be outside. V was too eager to get outside and start snapping pictures, but only the ones that she wanted to take. I guess that's the price you pay when bribing a 4 year old to take pictures.


One thing that I love about V is that she has such a free spirit. Even though a free spirit running around you in circles while you're trying to snap pictures isn't always the best thing, it does make for silly and fun pictures.


Once we were done with the "serious" pictures, it was time to bring out the glitter. It's interesting how many times saying "blow the glitter" and be mistaken for "run towards me and throw everything at me"


In the end, I learned a couple things about playing with glitter yesterday.

  1. Glitter is awesome (I already knew that but it's always good to point out)
  2. Even baby wipes and hand washing does not get all of the glitter off of you, no matter how you try...


So get out there, crack open a bottle of glitter, and start throwing it everywhere!


As Always,